Tuesday, 5 October 2010

"life and sex is over rated, so is always getting wasted"

Thank you ,
To everyone Sian, cally, Ellen you guys actually make my life simple and great <3. Miss Katie and miss jinny you rock ! I don't know you guys that well but I think we won't stop laughing for the rest of the year <3.
And mr right I know your out there....somewhere! When I find ya you will probably make my life great !

Ben and Aidan here's to being the best guy mates a girl could have <3
Ross ... I have nothing to say at least I get to live my dream of being a best man ;)

Things to do before I die:
Get married in Los vegas (drunk)
Be a best man at a wedding
Find a baby in my wardrobe and name it Carlos
Go to china :)
Go to India
Travel round Britain in a camper van with cally,Sian and ellen
Road trip around America with cally <3
Live in America
Become a forensic pathologist

Loads of


  1. When I have a baby, I'll hide it in your wardrobe, and you can name it <3 also, is gay marriage legal in vegas? if so.. MARRY ME DRUNKENLY? <3

  2. Lol gay marriage is actually and maybe ellz ;) xxx