Monday, 14 May 2012

'well you can tell by the way that i use my walk i'm a woman's no time to talk'

hey there sexy people,

how are ya'll feeling today ?
just realised i used ya'll in my blog ...... sucks. I need to balance it out with britishness ... i'm feeling splendid my dear old chaps. Much better me thinks. So i'm watching glee with Jinny, it's really good this episode. I love glee it's all sing song-ish..... lottie our cover teacher called me lottie. I think you will find it's charlie not Lottie. Charlotte as whole is a BIG no no so why would i like lottie .... only my nanna can call me that because she's my nanna. I have almost finished watching the secret circle season one. I love that show sex, witchcraft, hot guys.... it's the bomb. Also watched water for elephants yesterday. i'm not rushing out to buy it to be honest. It's good but not brilliant. It was nice to see Robert Pattinson in a different role than Edward Cullen. Just saw Darren Criss in a leather jacket ...... i have no words.meep.

anyhoo see you all around ...sort of.