Tuesday, 30 November 2010

'under dog look at the mess you've made'

hey people,
so life.yeah that thing called living. does it always have to be so hard? really? because after climbing 1 mountain there seems to be another one to climb. and at the top the views great but coming back down you realise you will never have that same view again. i've always fought for everything i've wanted. but now im tired, i have fought for to long i just want a little time out peace and above all a little time to find clarity in my life, but there's no rest for the wicked right ? when i look in the mirror i see nothing special just a person. a person who spends time drowning in the past and fighting to come up for air but just gets dragged back under by the current.but i will keep fighting to get the surface. why? because thats all i know what to do. the only person you can count on is yourself ... but even you can can let yourself drown a little.

so here's to fighting! no matter how much you want to give up .
after all its in my blood.
ah i really need to start my course work.
i haved made a big mess but i will bloody fix it.


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

' I'm just like cellophane , 'cause she sees right through me '

Hey people !
Wow its been a while :| and I dont have anything to say, that's a first hey ?!
I'm a little depressed because of this stupid shitty weather :| I'm moving to Australia no jokes its always sunny there.
Ah better go help ma clean up
( prince Charles to you ;) )

Thursday, 4 November 2010

' i'ive seen you cry way to many times when you deserved to be alive'

hey people,

hows you ?
i am .... ok, i can't say i'm brilliant but i'm not exactly suicidal either :).

so my mum has had another operation it hurts her more this time, and i think shes slowly giving up. i can understand she's always ill i mean seriously ill . and do you know what i have given up complaining about it for one reason only. my family can. love.
i'd rather have that then perfect health, we have learnt to apreciate what we have and love unconditionally. so yeh dad i know your fed up with all the shit but i wouldnt have our family any other way :.

jinny just sent a loving e-mail to herself lol
oh and i shouted ' i want to loose my virginity tonight' as a dare, my thoughts have only just caught up with my actions lol.
i have so much fun i don't stop laughing <3.
i guess that makes me happier.

must ring cally tonight coz she's peng ;).
ellz fireworks