Thursday, 4 November 2010

' i'ive seen you cry way to many times when you deserved to be alive'

hey people,

hows you ?
i am .... ok, i can't say i'm brilliant but i'm not exactly suicidal either :).

so my mum has had another operation it hurts her more this time, and i think shes slowly giving up. i can understand she's always ill i mean seriously ill . and do you know what i have given up complaining about it for one reason only. my family can. love.
i'd rather have that then perfect health, we have learnt to apreciate what we have and love unconditionally. so yeh dad i know your fed up with all the shit but i wouldnt have our family any other way :.

jinny just sent a loving e-mail to herself lol
oh and i shouted ' i want to loose my virginity tonight' as a dare, my thoughts have only just caught up with my actions lol.
i have so much fun i don't stop laughing <3.
i guess that makes me happier.

must ring cally tonight coz she's peng ;).
ellz fireworks


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