Wednesday, 8 August 2012

'there's a side to me you have not seen before'

So I'm turning over a new leaf, facing my problems head on rather then burying them,it's proving hard who knew I had so many issues to deal with ? there's a lot. At least I'm trying now. I guess it's because I would like to date at some point. I can't do that with so many problems relating to relationships it would be disastrous. So first problem on my list : grieving, properly not worrying about everyone else just dealing with my own. So far so good. It's like being on a roller coaster to be honest, I'm grieving for a whole group of people,an old life and a tiny piece of my soul but it's not a gaping hole anymore I'm stitching it up slowly. So phase one is almost complete.

The next step is abandonment issues, I
May need help with this one I'm not sure how to sort it on my own. I suppose finding what caused the issue first then working from there ?

I am officially a trainee nurse now. It weird when I first started this blog nursing wasn't even considered to be in my future, it's strange how life can change.

Watch out world I'm spreading my wings,