Wednesday, 6 October 2010

"gonna break your little heart in two"

Dear Romeo,

Do you love her ? Huh? You say you do but you don't show it well, nor do you show it to the girl your supposed to love. Your to young, and don't mean in years, your mind is to young. You don't know the meaning of love yet. Sure you can love more than one person at a time but you can't love them in the same way can you. You fall in love to easily. just like Romeo and I didn't think highly of him either. Your a nice kid don't get me wrong but you complain about how much you love her. See the key word word there ? Complain, you complain, who complains about being in love ? I may be skeptic of love but I know for a fact ive never complained about it. I understand don't know what to do about it but seriously sometimes there's nothing you can do. You win some. You loose some. I think you do love her though, I saw it before her. And you know what my best friend is a perfect person she rarely complains, she loves to laugh and she is the most helpful person I've ever met <3 . but I don't trust you with her, you have hurt one of my best friends once what's to say you won't do it again? And this time I wouldn't forgive you . I know she's tough but I don't want her to ever suffer. So try to be worthy of someone that awesome please that's all I ask. Oh and by the way jealousy isn't hot quite frankly it's irratating.

(call me ;) )


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  2. what did you say firts inbox me and <3

  3. Oh no dont worry, in the first one I did a heart but it went wrong so i deleted it and then done it again :P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx