Thursday, 7 October 2010

'just praying to a god that i don't believe in'

hey bloggers,

i'm blogging a lot lately, its just so people know how my lifes going, even though we have alll moved on,i just thought updating you is important-ish. so college is going well. loving it actually. i'm supposed to be doing my assignment but now i'm doing my assignment again. i'm up to a distinction people!!!!!!!!!!!
yeh i know biologys lame to you but i actually love it ! sorry if i offended anyone in my last post <3 this isn't to the person it was about just to make my meaning clear. and sian YOU DIDN'T RING ME YOUNG LADY!!!! but i love ya <3. work tomorrow my first day i'm soooooooooo excited !!! i am actually so lame but thats what makes me awesome i guess.

i have accident investigation in about 15 mins its long apparently the teacher wasn't in yesterday so i might get lucky again. just saw a video of katie's half naked guy mate thats impressive...not, i think his high actullly lol now his arse is out the van window, o-k i love my mates strange friends :. ggotta go to railway soon ellz, coz now i gets money! message for you all : do something you have never done before,today. why not you may not see tomorrow. i want you all to comment telling me what you have done!!


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  1. I LOVE YOU!!
    and ummmm well I MIGHT BE GETTING A JOB!! :D
    But dont ask any questions cause I dont want to curse it or anything :P
    and ummm yesterday I helped out at parents evening and I feel really bad cause i had to leave David on his own to show his mum around the school :/ I think he is angry at me :P
    And today I finally get a day off :D xxxxx