Monday, 20 September 2010

' live and let die '

back again world, so yep on thursday its one year since my lovely aunt died :( xxx not something to be excited about. I over heard my mum talking about her op yesterday, and to be honest she thinks shes going to die, or has mouth cancer . I must admit our family is isnt lucky most of us are dying or simply very ill. Maybe it is happening for a reason . It demonstrates the devils presence doesnt it ?! But god seems to have forgotten the human race. My family dont have the worst of it but sometimes we all selfishly think 'why me?' And the answer its not just one person who suffers , we all do, some suffer hunger, others illness, a few suffer loneliness. So while i was on my short path of enlightenment i have discovered greed doesnt cause our suffering and there is no almighty god above, we just simply live to reproduce and die just like science says but there is a reason we believe something is out there. Hope. We hope something is out there so there is a reason we make bad choices. hope that when we die we arent alone. Hope is the only thing we have and every day theres less of it. Love charlie xxx

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