Wednesday, 29 September 2010

'i wish you well'

Hey blog world,
So yeah out of all my mates I'm the only one who blogs now.
I guess it's because all the people who caused all the problems aren't around anymore lol, to be honest I feel completely whole now, no anger, minimal worry (mums op is something to worry about it's the only thing I worry about) , I feel happy. The whole boyfriend thing don't bother me either although there are LOADS of hot boys at college, in that right miss Katie ;) . And gosh do I laugh alot now seriously all the time now , Katie and jinny are so easy to be around :) all that's missing is Ellen and cally<3 miss you guys so much . TC cally ;) xxx
mums op is on the 1st of november xxxx


1 comment:

  1. LOOL, I actually do laugh whenever I see the initials TC or if I see TC in general. I should stop, I will probably get beaten up one day :P ahaha xxxx