Monday, 25 January 2010

let the flames begin

hey world of bloggers,
hows you?
i am diabetes free !!!!!!!!!! i knew that anyways ! so yesterday i went to a deserted grave yard it freaked me ut i could feel someone watching me, i still can at times-mostly in my room !!! weird! so i finally found out what was wrong with 'cough cough' and just to say if he was a woman well lets just pain would be the only remedy! so beef world beef !!! er so life is coolio my dad is still drinking loads i know it hurts ya know coz affects us all; life is precious never forget that ! even murderers deserve one i guess xx
i feel depressed about life actually i
wanna know
why we are here?whats my purpose?and
i keep
coming up blank i have no reason i just live and thats it ! i used to think it was
for love
now i'm not sure maybe its to love life i guess i will find out hey ?

peace out love you all
p.s. the title is totally unrelated

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