Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ok didnt mean to do that, I miss her and all that but well it seems I'm the only one doing the missing. I miss ellen and sian alot to but i see them as much as I can, they haven't changed much thank god they are just a little bit more matured :). I love them <3 and my college friends well what can I say we have such a laugh including Ben his really quite fun. Josh dislikes me because i am of a different class ! I thought that was all the 18th century not 21st but ah wells :) I heard Danny and Claire broke up which makes me sad i was hoping they both would prove me wrong , especially Danny. Claire has a good heart <3.

Gotta go

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  1. Charlotte?
    We speak all the time. You know I miss you, I would ring you more if I could but I haven't got free minutes.
    You should have told me you we're feeling like this :/ xx