Monday, 7 February 2011

'i've found the cure to growing older'

hey peoples,
so whats happening?
i've been hearing things about people and i want to help but i cant coz i'm not supposed to but im always here to help just incase. no matter what its what i do.

whats with all this secrets being blogged? i might try it but i suppose i'm unwilling because my secrets are mine but here it goes theres very few.

1. i really hate myself completely.
2.i'm fed up of keeping everyone else's secrets.
3.i want to remember my childhood but im scared to because i know some really bad stuff happened.

thats about it really, wow, at least i dont have loads it makes it less of an issue.

i haven't blogged in ages dude i always try to but get distracted by something. i guess i have no reason to i am completely happy well apart from my friends having some problems and they dont think i know of course but i'm not stupid.

hopefully going gigging with katie soon !!! SHE OWES ME A GIG. anyhoo best get going i'm going to watch 'the biggest loser' with mum and dad later ! easteners is on soon errrggg :| sucks.

lots of love

1 comment:

  1. Charlotte why do you hate yourself?
    You shouldn't! Your awesome <3
    Love you! xxxx