Wednesday, 5 May 2010

its easy to talk to you about underwear because your a girl, its easier because you like girls too. (FAMOUS QUOTE FROM SIAN ABOUT ELLEN.)

hmmmmmmmm.....cockland again ? seriously? i mean come on how many times?
so you broke up with your boyfriend and?
girls have that everyday it doesn't mean they sell themselves to the highest fucking bidder!!!
his repulsive no offence. maybe just maybe if you didn't flirt with a guy whilst going out with someone else you wouldnt be single right now !!!

i don't think your ex is flirting with others just being happy ! i think at the moment you like to hurt just like the song 'thats what you get' .
don't try to get me to like you again i can't it makes me depressed.
i don't need you in my life anymore.

love Roxy and Charlotte

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