Thursday, 24 December 2009


hey people,
hows you ?
so yes its christmas eve whoop ! i am like a bloody 5 yr old when it comes !x i designed my tattoo yesterday and today ! its the peace sign with peace writen in differrent languages around the edge ! its my first and only one ! my 16th is soon i am soo excited about it but i always am but when my birthday does come its a big let down , i'm not complaining because i know its news years eve and stuff so my birthday will take a back seat really although people say i am reallly lucky but im kinda not ,you dont really understand unless your birthday is on that day or a differcult one ! of course it could be worse !!! so any hoo soo excited i really want to open my christmas prezzies now !! and i dont talk weird ..... sorry force of habbit .

word of the week in my family is rockin' yer wierd huh ??
my fav christmas song is .... i dont have one lol
peace out

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