Wednesday, 25 November 2009


hey world!

my baby's birthday today !!! (dog)
its been a fab day today as usual
me and my twin (claire) have discovered that we feed off eachothers emotions !
update on love life : nothing to report.
claire just had a herbal esscences moment with my 'soft' hair ! you wish you had too! ;)
update on home: i think my dad is an alcoholic ! no jokes , so if you have advise please give it x
so life is good my mother (jennie ) is making a move on my uncle malcolm ! yer i know she is such a whore ! her sis hasnt been dead tthat long either ! :( x just another mug thats blind i guess ! although i love him of course but anything that male that gets involved with that is a fool but oh wellz they soon learn dont they !
i almost cried to coz i am worried about papa but hey hats life !!!!!

peace out

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